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Mix and matching of Dress, Accessories & Colors

Facts: Dress and Accessories matching

Dress and Accessories matching is an important part of our daily lifestyle. Because dresses and Accessories mix and match allows you to get a different and exciting look. With imaginative mixing and matching one can turn an ordinary cloth into an exciting look and can stay unique.

For mixing and matching one needs a foundation of basic colors and the taste of fashion. Navy blue, Black, and Brown are the best choices as a basic color. We must know what color will suit our skin tone, for example, warm color or cool color. The top half of our body is noticeable from the bottom half. So making the top and bottom with the same color doesn’t look much interesting. Contrarily, it will be awesome if it matches with different tops and bottom. It is good to select clothes that are versatile, that can be used for both formal and informal occasions.

For mixing and matching, try to buy more or separate pieces of clothing. The accessories like jewelry, handbags, shades, scarves, belts, etc are important in mixing and matching clothes. So this should be selected wisely.

How to match Dress, Accessories & Colors

The base is the foundation of an outfit, where we begin. It can be a suit, a pair of jeans. Which may have a variety of colors also can be classic. It may vary according to the profession and character, where dress or accessories mix and match fashion is variety. The shortage of variety is the reason for the people to produce a unique dress and other matching combinations.

Then…., what we wear with the base piece? They are usually tops, cardigans, and layering pieces which can be a mix of a neutral shade. The beauty of a more neutral base is such as, black – any color can be worn with it. Though, selecting the mix of colors is our own wish with respect to personal preference and work environment. But, one has to keep one thing in mind that is the variety of selection. Don’t think heavy wear can make you gorgeous. Wear simple and choose smartly. Surprisingly, you would look gorgeous on that.

Handbags & Other Accessories

Now, the final stage. What is critical to choose and usually women neglects it. This includes handbags, jewelry, scarves, belt, shoes, and those small details, which always we try to match up with dresses to get a matchy-matchy look. But that is not right, one can choose on their own like basis. A handbag, shoes, or belt can be gold or silver color. Or you can think of tonal colors and universal shades like green and yellow. In some cases, metallic things can be picked to look magical.

Try to get variety in your handbags. Having variety doesn’t mean changing bag daily. If we have the right bag, it will go for days and weeks without any change. A variety of colors, heels & styles can be tasted in legs also. Hence Tan is such a universal and versatile color suits everywhere and on any occasion. A metallic pair is not suitable for all occasions but suits in other parties and celebrations. If you are thinking about grabbing some try here.

I hope you will get the best match with a perfect color combination of dress, accessories, colors, and be stylish. And enjoy your days diligently.